Thursday, February 18, 2010


"A soul mate sometimes enters our life as someone to stir us up. To hold up the mirror so that we can see ourselves more clearly and antagonize us and make us so uncomfortable that we have to change because we can't continue to look at the same thing because we're looking at it clearly now. This is the reason a soul mate may not last forever. The encounter is so intense and so clarifying that we burn through those things quickly."

now, let's not go racking our brains to count how many soulmates we've had so far ;)


Harin said...

n i thot finding onez soul mate was the ultimate goal in life?

Niva said...

@Mudra: Not sure If it's the ultimate goal, but it definitely is one of the profound human experiences..
I was just implying that perhaps the term is losing significance with modern day relationships.. :)

Anamika Sureka said...

Well i believe that we don't realise it but there is only soul mate and those who are lucky one can find them.

Anonymous said...

beautifully said :) agreed!!