Thursday, May 7, 2009


"you are awesome for a march born" is a compliment.

welcome to freaky's-world.


chocolato said...

Second part of March is the month when Aries is born. Aries is a very interesting breed of people that, I guess, do not apeal to everyone ;)

srapri said...

interesting breed of people...hmm almost comes close to freaky's "compliment", but just so.

GAUTI said...

Appealing to everyone has its own disadvantages -from an Arian

chocolato said...

@srapri Don't get me wrong. I love Aries-es, being a Leo. Very determined and strong people, reliable and...I guess I can go on ;)

srapri said...

@ sve
i know it wasn't intended as a personal comment, that was just one of my usual digs at sarcasm :)

and i definitely believe you love arians, arians are extremely lovable people ;)