Sunday, March 29, 2009

more than one line...

God doesn’t give you people you want. He gives you the people you need to help you, to hurt you. To leave you and to love you, to make you into the person you are meant to be!


freak-y said...

either god does that, or the amazing thing called our brain knows what we want, and makes sure we get it.

I'd rather trust my brain to analyze, investigate, weigh the options and finalize.. rather than god..

Please trust yourself, and the capabilities of your brain than some god.

p.s. I am an atheist.

chocolato said...

Hehe :) Obviously u are an atheist. By the way...the thought is not originally mine, although I agree with it to a large extent :)

GAUTI said...

There are somethings which are beyond explanation, Luck,Love and God.
no P.S -I am neither an atheist nor a theist.

srapri said...

@ gauti

i would add relationships of any sort under the list of the unexplainables...unless in your list they were subsumed under love.