Tuesday, January 13, 2009


How do you save a sinking ship.. One that knows it is sinking ?

- a line from my dream, any guesses what it means!


freak-y said...

may be bad memory, it could easily have been

"how do you save a sailing ship, one that knows it is sinking ?"

still not sure what it means

srapri said...

hmm...might have been a freudian slip :)...

Slips and mistakes (Freudian): psychic unintentional acts (also called lapses) such us forgetting of names or objects, error of reading or writing, etc. that were analyzed by Freud and revealed links with unconscious psychic matters (complexes)-from http://www.freudfile.org/psychoanalysis/dictionary.html

guesses...wrong direction??

Niva said...
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Niva said...

not sure how it resonates with you in your life..., may be its telling you that thinking negative is going to definitely get you sunk to the bottom.. what one might think as 'knowing' may be a 'delusioned-knowing' .. i.e you can still save a ship that knows it is sinking.... ;) , just that it gotta know it's delusional what it knows ..

"take the sinking boat,
and point it home,
we still got time...
raise ur hopeful voice,
you have a choice..,
you make it now..." felt like sharing., beautiful lyrics from "Falling Slowly" by Glenn Hansard..

Malavika said...

how about 'dude,stop dreaming' :)

enigma said...

dont you know what happened with titanic ??