Friday, February 22, 2008

Random one liner convo

me: i took an umbrella and so it rained.. :D

satish: sky is blue and blood is red
me: okiess :D
satish: dokies :D

me: i will follow u until hell
satish: heaven doesnt want me
me: get an arrow to learn to love :P
satish: wat if cupid drops bombs instead of flowers..:P
me: hahahahah
satish: huhuhuhuhu
me: should i say i hate you?
satish: smile is the language of world

me: so u did it after me telling
satish: asking me is never a big issue

me: chand ke muskuraahat ke peeche andheri raat hai
satish: suraj huva madhdham

me: say it when u know it
satish: silence speaks a thousand words

me: my day starts with music
satish: it was a total lunar eclipse last night

me: place it high always
satish: maintaining low profile

me: smoky morning
satish: shiny evening

me: roots or heads
satish: grades makes us nuts
me: no donut for you
satish: every cloud has a silver lining

me: hardy stone u can be sometimes
satish: I say u r an angel

me: one full moon
satish: time can never be undone

me: read me?
satish: never interpret thoughts

me: water wafer?
satish: sayonara sweetheart
me: neee :P
satish: adi nEne
me: break this off
satish: do u ask me to do it?
me: nah
satish: y is it that u never do wat is demanded for?
me: second thought- is that right
satish: third umpire is a guy :P
me: hhahhahahaa

satish: so much to say that i hate u
me: reverse gear doessnt alwasy work :P
satish: kingdom is mine u r my maid.:P
me: this is my air.. my heir.. i say u r jusst not fair

satish: just bcoz u r an hour ahead of time u cannot be faster frm me
me: i thought ur network always followed me...:P
satish: vodofone took over hutch
me: ohhh summer came soo early this time

satish: goodby my friends its hard to die
me: have a hearty die :D
me: dont go now...lols

me: Satish's creativity
satish:adds color to his own face (blush!! blush!!)..:P

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